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Paleo Parenting

I couldn’t find much on this topic in the paleosphere, so here’s an initial attempt at a paleo approach to parenting. I’m not a parent, but I think the basic ideas are simple enough. The leading candidate for a primal … Continue reading

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Stand up desk and other ergonomics hacks

I bought a stand up desk a half year ago for ergonomics. I was fed up with sitting (for many of the reasons that Mark Sisson recently wrote about) so I hired a handyman (through the online classifieds) to build me … Continue reading

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Paleo (Bare) Footwear

Our feet have evolved for going barefoot-our hunter—gatherer ancestors didn’t have footwear. According to evolutionary logic, going barefoot is the healthiest option for our bodies. Unfortunately, barefooting is often impractical. Physical constraints, i.e., sharp objects or cold weather, as well … Continue reading

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Become A Power User: Get The Best Software

Boost your computer productivity by using the best free software programs. Everything I list is free and much of it is open source. Regularly updated. Continue reading

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How To Set Up A Website

Create a website in four easy steps: 1) Register a domain name, 2) Find a web host, 3) Point the domain at your host, 4) Install a web application, such as Wordpress. Continue reading

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A Negative Review of Site Build It (SBI)

I strongly discourage using Site Build It, no matter how good the affiliates make it sound. SBI is so bad, you couldn’t even pay me to use it! Continue reading

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