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Who says the whole world can’t eat paleo?

A lot of people try to argue against paleo nutrition by arguing that the whole world couldn’t eat paleo. First of all, this isn’t even a coherent argument—it’s a fallacy of composition: “paleo isn’t be feasible for everybody, therefore it’s … Continue reading

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Grandparenting behavior as evidence for long-lived paleolithic ancestors

The most common objection to the logic of evolutionary health is that paleolithic humans had short lifespans, presumably because they were in poor health.  This fallacy has been demolished many times over, but I have another argument to add to the pile. The … Continue reading

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Paleo Parenting

I couldn’t find much on this topic in the paleosphere, so here’s an initial attempt at a paleo approach to parenting. I’m not a parent, but I think the basic ideas are simple enough. The leading candidate for a primal … Continue reading

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Gluttony & Sloth: Causes or Effects of Obesity?

One of the main, take home messages in Gary Taubes’s book, Good Calories, Bad Calories, is that overeating and inactivity—gluttony and sloth—are not the causes of obesity as commonly supposed. Rather, they are the effects of hormone-driven fat accumulation. In … Continue reading

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The Myth of Overeating

One of the many invaluable lessons in Taubes’s Good Calories, Bad Calories is that overeating is a myth. This makes a lot of sense. Suppose you “overeat”. Then, you won’t be as hungry at the next meal, so you’ll “undereat”, … Continue reading

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Evolutionary Health vs State-Sponsored Science

Proponents of evolutionary health are in a frustrating position. On one hand, our position follows directly from evolutionary theory (one of the most well established scientific facts around). On the other hand, our position stands in direct contradiction to the … Continue reading

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The Paleo-Libertarian Connection on LRC

My article, The Paleo-Libertarian Connection, was published today on Here’s a quick overview: I show that the paleo community is strongly libertarian, and why it is. Then I discuss the parallels between the ideologies. I end by making the … Continue reading

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Stand up desk and other ergonomics hacks

I bought a stand up desk a half year ago for ergonomics. I was fed up with sitting (for many of the reasons that Mark Sisson recently wrote about) so I hired a handyman (through the online classifieds) to build me … Continue reading

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Good Calories, Bad Calories summarized in point form!

Good Calories, Bad Calories is the most important book ever written on diet and health. This point form summary is a perfect complement to Taubes’s masterpiece. Continue reading

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Paleo (Bare) Footwear

Our feet have evolved for going barefoot-our hunter—gatherer ancestors didn’t have footwear. According to evolutionary logic, going barefoot is the healthiest option for our bodies. Unfortunately, barefooting is often impractical. Physical constraints, i.e., sharp objects or cold weather, as well … Continue reading

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The Evolutionary Lifestyle II: Radical Implications

The healthiest lifestyle is that of our Paleolithic hunter-gatherer ancestors. Its implications conflict with the conventional wisdom of mainstream health. Continue reading

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The Evolutionary Lifestyle: A Logical Theory of Health

From the theory of evolution, it follows that the healthiest lifestyle is the one we adapted to via natural selection. The controversy in health is over! Continue reading

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