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How can one be good WITH God?

The theist charge that atheists can’t have morality without a sky god is pretty laughable. But the error in the argument goes so deep that the argument is actually much more devastating when applied to theistic morality: how can a … Continue reading

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Statheists—statist atheists—claim to fly the banner of reason, but don’t realize that statism is in many ways similar to belief in a supernatural being. Continue reading

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Why has religion been so successful?

Effectively all large societies have been religious. But religions haven’t been successful because they’re true: practically all religions are mutually contradictory, so there must be another reason to explain their success. One very good reason—probably the most fundamental one—is that … Continue reading

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Religion: a virus of the mind

There is a striking parallel between belief in a personal god and belief in Santa. As Richard Dawkins argues, these beliefs (or memes) are viruses of the mind. The two beliefs are of the same type, differing only in particulars: … Continue reading

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