Become A Power User: Get The Best Software

Most people fall far short of tapping the full potential of their computing because they don’t take advantage of the best free software programs. Using the right tools is the most effective thing a person can do to become a more effective computer user. To help people accomplish this, I’ve assembled a list of the best free software programs (many are open source), and I will be updating it regularly to keep it current. By using the best tools, not only does computer work become more efficient, it often becomes enjoyable. For example, most people find email infinitely more pleasant when using Gmail, and likewise with Firefox and web browsing. While you probably won’t need them all, you should at least try out the ones labeled [Must have!]. So give them a try; I think you’ll be impressed!

I’ll update the list as needed to keep it current. That way, it won’t get old and out of date. Leave your comments and suggestions on this post (comments disabled on the article).

Check it out: The Best Free Software

About Toban Wiebe

I’m an undergrad student ultimately aiming for an economics PhD. In a nutshell, I’m an atheist, market anarchist, and paleo health enthusiast. In other words, I reject God, Government, and Grain.
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2 Responses to Become A Power User: Get The Best Software

  1. Rick says:

    I like your list – because I happen to think a lot of the tools you mention are my favorites too. May I add a couple of suggestions:

    Under the antivirus/malware category I strongly suggest adding Malwarebytes and Microsoft Security Essentials. Microsoft at last has come up with a superior AV/malware tool and there is IMHO no reason to use the freebies from 3rd parties. I recommend Malwarebytes as the best tool to id and remove malware.

    Under the FTP toolset, I also like WinSCP. It's not better than Filezilla but it is a nice tool which you can be happy with.

  2. Mike says:

    Awesome list, thank you for compiling!

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